Sponsor a Special Meal

Celebrate your special day with blind Children by donating special meal to charity

Visually challenged students who are perusing their academic education in Mysore need love, support and affection from all corners. You too show love & affection to blinds by simply sponsoring special meal on your special day like birth day, marriage anniversaries, memories, etc. We will celebrate your special day among the blinds on the particular day of your choice by arranging special meal with special dishes.
The description of special meal with special dish is given below. Donate now and celebrate your special occasion for the love of blind students. We assure cent percent utilization of your donation to the specified purpose and objective. You can donate through cheque, NEFT or by visiting our premise directly.

Sponsor one day Special meal to 20 blind children
( Sponsor a meal on your special occasion like birthday, anniversary,
marriage day, memories )
  Average ingredients cost  :  Rs.1550
          Vegetables – Rs.100,
          2Kg oil – Rs.200,
          Pulses – Rs.150,
          Cereals – Rs.180,
          Spices – Rs.100 ,
          Curd – Rs.100 ,
          8 Kgs. Rice – Rs.400
          Sweet & mixture – Rs.10 x 20= Rs.200
          Fruits - 2 banana – Rs.6 – Rs.6 per child x 20 children =           Rs.120