We greatly appreciate if you candonate us your time. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Volunteering with us will not only help us greatly, but will also bring great personal reward and satisfaction. Working with the
visually impaired is sure to inspire a new outlook on life, yours and that of everyone else
around you.

We are in grave need of people who can:

  • Reading and recording books in various languages for the Talking Book Library for the visually impaired. Editing books after that and helping other volunteers record and edit books.
  • Maintain proper accounts.
  • Help the trainers/teachers in the computer department by preparing exercises for students for practice.
  • Spoken English classes (2 to 3 months for few hours a week).
  • Personality development and confidence building classes (2 to 3 months for few hours a week).
  • Preparing tactile diagrams for the visually impaired and help make a mental picture in their mind.
  • Scribe for student during exam time.
  • Fundraising.
  • Update database for volunteers, donors, library members and visually impaired students.
  • For the more specialized volunteering, you can also help review HR policies, marketing plans, development strategy, web designing, brochure design etc.