Divya Jyothi Mobility transport is fully dedicated to offering the best possible specialized transport service to get visually disabled people from point A to point B safely and comfortably, in vehicles specifically adapted to their needs.

This is a proud service which strives to bring Safe, Comfortable and Reliable transportation to visually challenged and their loved ones who require assisted transportation. People who find it difficult to commute to their respective study centres and work in organisation from their home.

Our offer point to point service helps,
  • Door-to-door service transport for visually handicapped
  • Dedicated transport services for visually handicapped
  • Difficulty relying on existing public transportation modes
  • Many Differently abled people who have discontinued their studies can pursue the same
  • The tension and botheration of reaching the study centres or work will be easily avoided

In addition , we also train people on independent living about  Road Safety and Public transport

Some people are not enthused about public transport, but it’s a great opportunity to interact with people and boost someone’s skill set.

Instead of taking a car/taxi ride, encourage them to jump on a train or a bus. They may need some support or feel uncomfortable initially, so go along with them to share the experience. Once they are familiar with the transport system it will free them up to do more of the things they love, without the required help of anyone else.

Attending road safety skills at Divya Jyothi are not only important for your loved one’s confidence, but also for peace of mind if you go out alone or with friends.