Who We Are

Divya Jyothi is a registered trust located at Mysore, Karnataka and has been working for people with disabilities in general and visually impaired in particular, since 2010. Divya Jyothi’s mission is to assist visually impaired individuals and enable them to lead independent and dignified lives through Education, Training, Counselling and Communication & Technology

Our Programs

Divya Jyothi Charitable Trust believes that blindness is not a handicap but an opportunity in seeing the world, living in it differently and uniquely. Divya Jyothi Trust provides high standard welfare, support the visually impaired through education, employment, scholarships and accommodation to promote their independence, dignity and to quality of life

Mission statement

Divya Jyothi Charitable trust works to empower the visually impaired so that they lead a life of dignity and independence. Blindness must not be seen as a sign of weakness rather it is a latent form of strength and energy that can be awakened. Through its service, the trust will give basic necessity for survival, wings to the dreams and improving of every blind person.

SIGHT is one of the five senses we are born with, -God’s gift to us, which many of us take for granted. But look around, not all are blessed with these senses.

Divya Jyothi Charitable trust for the Blind was set up to provide a helping hand to the blind. Our trust believes blindness is not a handicap but an opportunity in seeing the world, living in it differently and uniquely. Our goal is to provide high standard welfare, support the visually impaired through education, employment, scholarships, and accommodation to promote their independence, dignity and quality of life. 

Divya Jyothi Beneficiaries

Supports the education of people with vision impairment


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Computer Beneficiaries


Pickup and Drop Beneficiaries

We offer services


Computer Training

Accessing Information and Technology

The Computer Training Centre imparts basic and advanced computer literacy training to visually impaired students, from those with low vision to those who are totally blind.

Divya Jyothi offers training to help you learn basic keyboard skills and computer navigation with specialized software or hardware which magnifies the text, turns text into speech or displays the text as braille.

Our adaptive technology courses cover topics including word processing, spreadsheets, email and using the internet for accessing services, reading the news, social networking, shopping, travelling and accessing books.

We also provide training in the use of apple devices such as iPads and iPhones, scanning systems and specialized note taking device.

Braille Transcription

The Braille Transcription Center (BTC) started in 2010 is engaged in transcription work of English and Kannada books into Braille for the benefit of visually impaired students. The center has the services of about 10 volunteers who function as readers of the books while 5 visually impaired students, specially trained in transcription, perform the task of drafting the text in Braille.

Divya Jyothi Trust BTC distributes braille book bags to all the academic students with, who are visually impaired, across the Karnataka and Other states in India on demand basis. The distribution process is a collaborative effort with educators and early intervention professionals. In addition to the nominal price print/braille books for different age levels, the bag includes information about braille for parents and families, as well as some tactile material.

Braille Books

We have thousands of great Braille books to choose from. Just select your desired age and topic, and we’ll show you some books your blind friend will love!

Welcome to the Divya Jyothi Braille Bookstore, where we have over two thousand books in Braille available for all ages and interests. You see, our goal is to make as many popular titles available as possible. So, just tell us how old the reader is you’re shopping for, and we’ll go from there …

The library provides a reading room facility and is actively involved in the transcription of books into Braille formats. The center has PUC to PG books of various categories.

Read-Aloud Books for Children
Books for Elementary Students
Books for Middle-Schoolers
Books for High-Schoolers
books for adults
Audio books

Sports & Culture

The Divya Jyothi Charitable trust promotes sports for the visually and physically disabled to instill awareness and also stress the importance of physical fitness. Sports and culture encourage team spirit and enhance the confidence of students, thereby opening a window to advance themselves.

Together, Divya Jyothi organisation seek to work in the best interests of vision-impaired participants to keep blind sports strong and healthy at all levels, both on and off the arena of sport.

Divya Jyothi main roles:

• To promote blind sports to all members of the community as a worthwhile activity to increase social inclusion and for a sustainable healthy lifestyle

• To increase the participation in blind sports by all the blind community regardless of age or severity of vision impairment

• To advocate on behalf of its members at local, national and international level

Developing Life Skills

With the right training and technology, blind and visually impaired individuals can lead independent and self-sufficient lives. Our Independent Living Adult Blind program serves blind and visually impaired adults under 55 years of age who are not seeking employment.  At ,Divya Jyothi, we guide Visually challenged to find employment opportunities to keep that focus on their strengths and capabilities, and will help each individual develop as a person to fulfill their potential.  Divya Jyothi will help to learn real-life employment skills that align with students goals – whether that be part-time, full-time or open employment – whilst still having access to ongoing coaching and daily support.

Preparing a resume
Personality development
Road Safety and Transportation
Workplace interaction
Health and safety practices
Customer service

Developing Life Skills

Travel assistance for people with a disability

Divya Jyothi Pick and Drop taken for the Differently-abled People who find it difficult to commute to their respective study centers and work in organisation from their homes. They have to depend on others’ help or the respective transport, which are not frequent and the severely disabled people find it very difficult to reach on time. Many such disheartened people drop their education and job due to the non-availability of the Transport facility and the Herculean task of traveling to the Study Centres.
PICKUP AND DROP-OFF SERVICE FOR DISABLED will help such people to pickup from their destination and to drop to their respective study centers and vice-versa in around Mysore City 20km range, thus saving their time and energy.