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Basic Computer Course

Divya Jyothi Trust trains to access technology which opens up new pathways to employment, independent living, further education as well enhancing social interactions with family and friends.

In step with effort to achieve the objective of achieving computer literacy in an inclusive manner, Divya Jyothi Trust is tied up with NIELIT, which launched a new programme, "Basic Computer Course (BCC)". The objective of the course is to impart basic level computer appreciation programme with more emphasis on hands on training. Initially, the course was conceived as to boost the concept of introducing a course on computer fundamentals, especially for students, studying vocational courses at ITIs/ITCs. However, the course has gained popularity amongst many more categories. The BCC was launched in year 2011. The programme can equip a person to use the computers in day-to-day life for professional and personal use. After completing the course the incumbent will be computer literate and will be able to:

  • Acquire confidence in using computer techniques available to users.
  • Recognize the basic components of computers and terminology.
  • Understand data, information and file management.
  • Create documents using Word processor, Spreadsheet & Presentation Software.
  • Understand computer networks, Internet.
  • Browse the internet, content search, email and collaborate with peers.
  • Use e-Governance applications.
  • Use computer to improve existing skills and learn new skills.
  • The candidates can appear in the NIELIT BCC Examination.


+91 98864 09563


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Mon - Sat 09:30 - 17:30

# 2, 12th Cross, 8th Main,
3rd Stage, Dattagalli, Mysore - 570033.

# 2, 12th Cross, 8th Main,
3rd Stage,Dattagalli,
Mysore - 570033.